Silent Nature and A. J. Windless
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Peekaboo Moon
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Peekaboo Moon Over Zion Canyon
November 13, 1995  Film: Fujichrome 50
It's unusual to get a photograph wherein the both the subject and the moon come out correct with the same exposure. You might not think so because the internet is plastered with scenic moon photos wherein the moon looks perfect. But in most of them the moon was shot independently and then copied and pasted into the scenery, often in such an exaggerated size that the image howls to me that it never existed in real life. Nowadays good cameras also have the ability to expose various elements of the image differently and automatically combine the elements for you, though you may not always be happy with the results. What's especially unusual about this photo is that it was shot with color transparency film and then later scanned into a digital image. I could do no manipulation to the image while it was being captured and I could not even see how the image turned out until I returned home and developed the film. Nor have I done any photoshopping of the moon in the new digitalized version.

Moon Detail 
I did  spend an hour in photoshop carefully cleaning off all the dust particles. I had no pressurized air hose when I scanned my slides, and this photo, like most of my scans, got covered with tiny dust particles when I removed it from the page it was archived in. With today's technology you could likely capture the the foreground trees at the proper exposure, either combining the elements during the exposure or later at the computer, but I think this photograph looks exquisite with the stark contrast of the black silhouette. This image, along with many others that I have been posting, is one that I obtained about ten years ago when I returned to the U.S. and scanned my old color slides. The process was so slow that, even working 12 hours a day for 7 full days, I was only able to scan 900 digital images to bring back to Thailand with me. Unfortuantely, for many of them the scanner did not focus accurately enough to even give me an suitable image.
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