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  Al Joseph  
A Mosquito Puts Me in the Hospital  (Feb. 18, 2017)
At 4:00 a.m. this morning one of this country's vexatious insects put me in the hospital. When I first came to Thailand I noticed that my friend had a strict policy of keeping his doors closed as a method of keeping the mosquitos out. I have tried mimicking that policy, and for years it has worked very well. Then a little over a week ago I began to feel the mosquitos had launched an invasion operation to recapture my living quarters. I killed 24 mosquitos in 2 days. I still cannot find how they are infiltrating my checkpoints. Fortunately, their numbers seem to have been dwindling. When I spotted one in the bathroom this morning I was hoping he was the last. The toilet seat was up, he zipped behind it, and I quickly put the seat down going after him. I never saw where he went to because that's when, along with the toilet seat, I went down. Here in Thailand they seem to love tile floors that are slippery when wet, and of course, the bathrooms here are designed for that very purpose, to get wet. I slammed against the toilet on the way down and scraped my shoulder on the sink. The middle toe of my right foot was bleeding, the toenail broken down the middle with one portion mostly removed. My bathroom floor kept covering with blood that I kept conveniently hosing off the slippery tiles and down the drain. Nice thing about Thailand is that the emergency room doesn't cost very much more than going to see a doctor during office hours. Before stepping out of the bathroom, however, the mosquito buzzed by one more time and I splattered him all over my beautiful white tile wall. Later, at the foot of my raised bed, the doctor wanted to pull out the broken half of my toenail and informed me that he would use a needle to inject a pain killer. Then I saw why I needed a pain killer! It was to relieve me of the pain from the needle!  He insisted on burying this gigantic needle into my middle toe which was just too small to for a needle that size! All in all the visit costed me about $77 U.S., which included a tetanus shot, antibiotics, and pain killers. The only thing missing was a bouquet of flowers and a get well card.  I arrived home from the hospital and hadn't even sat down yet, still looking over my assortment of wonderful gifts from the hospital, when another mosquito buzzed right past my eye! Score: Mosquitos 1,  Me  0. My brother tells me that the trip to the hospital was karma for killing the mosquito. I don't believe that, I hadn't even killed the mosquito until after my toenail was broken!
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