"Rise Above the Moon" (with Lyrics)  A. J. Windless
 The song itself a metaphor for the type of relationship I hope to have with the person I love. I am not really singing about getting a number one hit, but of having a relationship that is so uplifting that when we walk by everyone will notice. This is the first song that I ever wrote. I was a freshman in my first quarter at university and I was head over heels for a girl that was in my sociology class. There were over a hundred students in our class and we all listened to lectures in a huge auditorium. I felt very lucky when one day she came in and sat down beside me. We began talking and we went on several dates. To hurry this story along I will merely say that things didn't go well and I didn't see her for three months. One night I tried going to a local dance, hoping to meet someone new, but that really didn't work out very well and I returned home more downhearted than ever. Emotions oozing out at the seams I sat down and immediately wrote this entire song including melody, lyrics, and guitar accompaniment. "Rise Above the Moon" would go unpublished for decades until I finally posted it on YouTube as a solo performance in 2016. Not satisfied, I immediately began giving the song a complete make-over, the biggest of which was to bring in some very talented musicians. In this recording the bass, keyboard, and drummer all did their own creative things, while I put together the flute, sax, and female vocals. My other passion being nature photography, I did all the photography and video work, carrying over some of the footage from my 2016 video, including clips of my beautiful model, Lukewa, who had given us her debut performance as an actress . Over the last three years I have written 10 more songs, and it always seems like the latest is the best one of them all! So, please, keep an eye on my "What's New" page because I have some really great tunes on the way!
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