A. J. Windless 
My Sixth Sense
When my brother was in the Air Force he came home on leave and was in great distress because a girl had broken his heart. As we laid in bed that night a vision came into my head, I could see the girl and exactly what she looked like. I described her to him right down to the red and violet horizontally striped shirt she was wearing. He was stunned because he hadn't shown me any photos or described her to me. Later when I was in the eighth grade, I performed my science experiment on six different forms of ESP, ranging from predicting the colors on cards to controlling the numbers that would come up on a roll of dice. With hundreds of attempts in each category all six outcomes were positive and I analyzed the numbers to show that the results were statistically significant. After high school I became a religious convert and my new church told me that any miracles or anything supernatural that didn't come directly through the authority of the church was the work of the devil and was devised to deceive and mislead people away from the truth. These thoughts created mental blocks, leading me to ignore and neglect any talent for the sixth sense that I may have ever possessed. I told this story to one of my chess companions and then chuckling warned him that he should watch out, that maybe I'll get back in tune with my inner feelings and start predicting his chess moves. "Perhaps" I said, "That's why in four years of high school play I never lost a game." Later I realized that even though I was joking,  ESP may very well have played at least a small part in my high school success. We would pick up a black pawn and a white pawn and put them behind our backs, mix them up, and let the other player choose a hand to decide what color he would get. I always tried to let the other guy be the one to hold the pawns because I was pretty good at knowing which hand the white pawn was in. Through the course of my high school career I chose white 80% of time. I never pointed it out to anyone and no one ever noticed or said anything about it. So what do you think, did I have an unfair advantage?
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