Photographer A. J. Windless    
Birds and Emotions
I once had a roomate move in with me who had just seperated from his wife. Perhaps the emotional turmoil he was going through explained his perspective. He had been married a year and had just discovered that his wife was lesbian.  At one point he stated that he felt his wife had never loved him, that she had only been dependent on him. I think he was down on the concept of love itself and felt skeptical that if even his own wife had never been anything but dependent on him, how could an animal be capable of more? We engaged in this on going debate, he maintained that animals were not capable of love or any other feelings, and that Tecumseh only stayed close to me because he was dependent on me. One day I saw Tecumseh lying on the kitchen floor looking pretty bored. I called my roomate over and had him take a look at Tecumseh, and then I asked, "What would you say? Does that dog look bored to you?" He agreed saying, "Yeh, he looks pretty bored." Then I asked, "Isn't boredom a feeling?" And with that I finally got him to admit that animals have feelings. Years later I got into a discussion with another friend when he declared that birds are not capable of feelings. I shared this story with him  and he replied "But that is a dog! A dog has a much bigger brain than a bird! A bird's brain is too small for any emotions!" I have watched the birds around this condominium and I am convinced that most of them look pretty happy. He says that birds do not expend any extra energy, that they will not fly except of necessity, such as to catch an insect or to perform a mating ritual. In an enviroment where the birds are not getting enough to eat that might be true, but here in this land of plenty I am convinced that frequently birds fly just for the fun of it. What do you think?
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