This photo is my banner while this page talks about the new look for my "Beautiful Women: Thailand" gallery and how to best view it.
Page by page I have been updating "Beautiful Women: Thailand" for about two months now. I not only brought all the page designs up to date, but some of you will notice that the collection is now smaller and more to the point, with some of the former images not included in the new layout. The old pages are still on my website but the new links will take you right past them. For best viewing, if you have seen this gallery before, I recommend that you clear your browser history before beginning your new journey. Otherwise you may run into all kinds of bumps, and you might even get a page that keeps looping you back to the same place. It is advisable to clear your browser history frequently anyway, otherwise all those cookies from everywhere you have been are still following you (you will be pleased to know that my site uses no cookies.) In addition your browser will get slowed down by all the extra weight.  Meanwhile, I still haven't decided what to do with the "Beautiful Women" that got left out of my new layout, nor what to do with the thousands of other sweet faces still sitting in my computer. Should I open a gallery of archival photos? Should I create a new social media page? Should I just upload all of them to another website? The easiest way to find out and to follow updates to my website is to watch my "What's New?" page. (June 3, 2020)
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