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Eye of the Tigress
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"Eye of the Tigress"
Thai "pretties" like to wear colored contacts, which frequently are so exaggerated and unnatural that I do not like them, and according to one of my foreign colleages even look "scary" (note that monsters on T.V. usually have eyes with exaggerated color.) For me, perhaps about 20 percent of the time, the colored contacts work well enough to be okay.  Perhaps one percent of the time, they actually look good, and enhance the girl's beauty (although these numbers may be going up for me as I get more and more accustomed to seeing them.) This lovely young lady, however, is the absolute exception. Her contacts go beyond looking good, to absolutely striking. First, the contacts match very well with her hair, and secondly, because in the natural world eyes often have these kind of patterns, the colors are extremely close to being believable. (PTT Promotional Rep, Thailand International Motor Expo 2012)
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