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A bull elk makes lies down on a bed of autumn leaves while sniffing the air for the presence of danger.
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Where did you buy your perfume?
Antlers stretching into the air above him, a bull elk lies down on a bed of fallen leaves while testing the air for the presence of danger. The scent of the air will tell him a lot about the enviroment and what is lurking far down into the forest. I was the only person in the immediate area, but no, I don't wear perfume. I use the word "perfume" because a lot of people come to my website from foreign countries where they have learned English as a second language and I felt that more people would understand "perfume" than "cologne". But don't fret, I never wear either. If I go on a date with you and I take the trouble to wear cologne, it probably means that I really like you.  ( Oct. 19, 2012, Nikon D90 )
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