A.J. Windless 
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Bucktoothed Seal Bucktoothed Seal
Bucktoothed Seal Bucktoothed Seal
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"The Bucktoothed Seal"

A common reaction to this photo is to chuckle about the "buck teeth". Depending, however, on your viewing device, and the size of the image it provides for you, you might be able to easily see that there are no buck teeth at all. Funnier than that, it is his tongue he is sticking out at us.

When the colony of seals here first spotted me near the edge of the beach, all of the members in my immediate area scurried to the water's edge, not actually entering the sea, but looking back and evaluating my presence. After a few minutes they concluded that I was not a threat, and for the most part settled back into their afternoon naps. This little guy, however, never took his eyes off of me, but continued to stare at me as if "What is that guy doing?" or "Why on earth would he want to take photos of us?"

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