"One More Beautiful Woman"  by  A. J. Windless
When I published my song "One More Day" I was so happy with the French horn that I had written for it that I decided to release the horn track as a separate song. While deciding how to create the video I realized this was the perfect time to show you some of the thousands of photos I have taken of beautiful Thai women. 76 beautiful images grace the pages of this video. (Like the song "76 Trombones" perhaps I should have called it "76 French Horns.")  I have come to name this song "One More Beautiful Woman" helping to distinguish it as a variation of but still closely tied to the original song "One More Day." To see more of my beautiful Thai girls be sure to visit my "Beautiful Women: Thailand" gallery. And if you like my music you can follow the link below to my songwriting. Thank you for coming! 
                                                A. J. Windless
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