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Autumn Eagle
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Autumn Eagle
Any time I travel to Pennsylvania my brother grabs his camera and takes me to a couple of his favorite eagle haunts. I think Paul is the authoritative source for eagle information in northwestern Pennsylvania. He has always possessed a fondness for birds that dates back to when he was a kid with a parakeet that sat on his shoulder while he rode his bicycle around the neighborhood. The bird could not fly, but one day Paul rode down hill around the curve that is several hundred yards from our house and his parakeet fluttered off of his shoulder. He searched in earnest but returned home with nothing more than a broken heart. Paul will never forget the first time he spotted a bald eagle. There was a time when there were only three known nesting pairs in the entire state of Pennsylvania, so  his first glimpse of this majestic national symbol was for him a life altering moment. He soon made spotting eagles his life passion and kept notes and a running tally of all the eagles he saw. One year he may have recorded 11 spottings, another year he may have seen 30 or more. Now in more recent years he has elevated his game to a whole new level by purchasing his first DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex camera.) Now, instead of telling people about what he saw he can actually show them, and he has memorials to treasure for the rest of his life. I have written over a hundred emails to him about how to improve his photography, and though he was born with some disabilities that make it quite difficult for him to undertand, he has persisted until he knows more about photography than 99% of the people who travel around with cameras. As a reward for all his hard work, now he finds people asking him to make prints for them and he has gotten a few of his photos published in newspapers and magazines. (Above and previous page: Two of the great photos I captured while spotting eagles with my brother, Paul.)
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