Silent Nature and A. J. Windless
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Apple Blossoms
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Apple Blossoms
For seven years Tecumseh and I lived in a house at the end of a long driveway. It was small, only about 375 square feet, but the rent was cheap and it was all we needed. We spent so much time in southern Utah and in the mountains that it hardly seemed to matter how big our house was. And what our house lacked in size it made up for in the space outside, which we shared only with the couple who lived across the driveway. Our landlord owned the entire field, so we had all that property to ourselves. Our little lawns spread directly behind our houses, but beyond that the grasses grew wild as seen in this photo. Besides apple trees we also had plum trees, and at the end of the season eating juicy plums ripe off the tree was a delightful experience to forever imbed into your favorite memories. I also imported wild blackberries from another yard all the way across the valley where I had seen them growing. They were of the variety that grew wild in the forests of Pennsylvania. Smaller and more flavorful than the blackberries that grew wild in Washington state, which were sweeter but milder. I captured a lot of impressive photos right here my backyard, my renderings of butterflies, bees, flowers, dew on the grass, plum bossoms covered with snow, and even Tecumseh sitting on a stump and howling. But it wouldn't last forever, my landlord eventually sold the property to a developer who turned the entire field into condominiums while I was finally pushed into buying my own house, one that would soon grow blackberries and plums in the backyard.
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