A. J. Windless 
"My Maserati Does 185"
As I get chauffeured around Bangkok  by taxi drivers, I sit in the back with the doors locked, which frequently reminds of the song "Life's Been Good to Me" by Joe Walsh. Sometimes I'll start singing which usually evokes either a chuckle or a comment from the driver. I ask them if they have heard the song before. Usually they haven't and they have no idea who Joe Walsh is. The Eagles are quite popular in Thailand (especially their song "Hotel California") so I explain that he was with the Eagles and that sitting in the back of their taxi reminds me of his lyrics which I find quite humorous.  I then share the story behind the song as if I were some sort of sales ambassador for Joe Walsh (and further more I write a blog as if to prove it.) Recently I was on YouTube when I stumbled on Joe Walsh's personal explanation of his lyrics. He says, for example, that he does have a Maserati but that he didn't actually lose his license, "I lost my wallet." But goes on to explain that one of his rock star friends crashed two Maseratis in 10 days, so the that the lyrics do fit the life style of his peers. After listening to Joe Walsh's explanation I spent the next several days obsessed with learning the song. I kind of already knew the song, but I sat in the back of taxis and walked around malls tyring to piece together all the bits and parts I remembered. I couldn't let it rest until I could sing the song from start to finish without missing a word. Oh, did I mention that some Thai taxi drivers are insane and really do drive around at 185?
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